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Day 3 Passage to Cocos Keeling Island

As the wind blows we sail fast to Cocos Island but I don’t think fast enough. We still are riding out the 3 meter swells and averaging 7kts but our wind direction is not helping us. We have to jibe 20 degrees to port then jibe back 20 degrees to Starbroad losing 4 miles in each jibe. So with that in mind we will be arriving in Cocos Island around 20:00 hours tonight. But there is a chance we can still make it in time for the sunset and we will make it into the anchorage, we will see. 57 nautical miles remain.

Current Position: 23:53UTC, 11deg 57.5min South, 97deg 45.9min East, COG 280deg-M, SOG 7.7kts, Swell 3>meters, WS 25kts, Over Cast



Day 2 Passage to Cocos Keeling Island

Had a fun day of big 3 to 4 meter swells rocking us all over and strong winds pushing us along at 7 knots. We also got lucky with a nice Maha Maha fish that I cooked up and served with corn bread. As usual it was fun getting your butt kicked around the galley as you cooked up a meal. Currently we are on track to arrive in Cocos Island at 18:00 but I am hopping to improve that time because I cannot enter the lagoon at night. The conditions of the lagoon are unknown to me and therefore I will have to stay out in the ocean for one more night, time will tell.

Current Position: 23:44utc, 10deg 57.1min south, 100deg 29.9min East, COG 259deg-M, SOG 7.3kts, Swell 2> meter.

Thank you,


Passage to Cocos Keelling Island Day 1

Underway again and on a true offshore ocean passage. After sailing out from under the shadow of Christmas Island we were welcome to solid 2 meter swell with 3 to 5 meter rolling swells mixed in for fun. The big swells heaved us up toward the sky and then gently lowered us down to earth. Gave us a bit of sea sickness but we are all doing well today. We are making good time averaging 7 knots and should arrive Friday night or early hopefully. I really hate having to heave-too outside the island waiting for the sun to come. But if it happens that way I will just slow our progress to arrive Saturday Morning. Other then rolling seas and great speed the cooking has turned into a bit of a combat cooking situation. Its at least entertaining watching Ben cook last night. He only lost his cookies once but his curry chicken turned out great.

Current Position: 00:02UTC, 10deg 56.8min South, 103deg 7.8min East, COG 256deg-M, SOG 7kts, Swell >2 meters, Sunny Skies



Off to Cocos Keeling Today

After a great time at Christmas and enjoying the wonderful hospitality of the local community we are off to Cocos Keeling. It is 527 nautical mile sail and should take us less then 5 days to complete. right now we have a stiff 25 knot breeze that should send us off in a hurry. Looking forward to some heavy wind sailing and see how we preform. Updates on a daily bases as usually.


Jacques & crew

All the wonderful carbs on Christmas Island.

All the wonderful carbs on Christmas Island.

Yup, made it! That is to Christmas Island

Yes, with a fist full of Gin and scuba goggles fitted to my head we are at the Island they call Christmas. I haven’t seen Santa or Reindeer but did see a Buddhist alter and a mosque. Form my view point of shore I can see a Jetty and our good friends from Calico Jack. Tomorrow we will hike to the top of this island and look out into the ocean from which we have sailed. Then Cary and I will descend to the lower 40 feet of ocean with scuba tanks to see what lays beneath its turquoise surface and maybe hug a shark! Till then keep your head up!


Jacques and crew.

PS sweet shoot of a sea bath on the Indian Ocean.

Day 12 Passage Christmas Island

We are currently 157 nautical miles from Christmas Island and looking forward to getting off the boat and going for a run. Right now the wind is being a bit light and not very helpful after two days of rolling from beam to beam. Other then calm sea’s and sunny days not to much to tell. All is well onboard.

Current Position: 1:10utc 10deg 41.7min South, 108deg 10.0min East, COG 260deg-M, SOG 5.3kts, Sunny with rain on the Horizon.



Day 11 Passage to Christmas Island

Good news everybody the high pressure system seems to have dissolved into a uniform east trade wind and we are now doing 7 to 8 kts down wind. We have 300 nautical miles remaining and should arrive Friday morning if we can keep sailing at 6 kts. It looks like the Indian Ocean will be full of surprises as we continue west to South Africa. Other then that, we had a great spinnaker run all through the night and kept up 6 kts in 3 to 4 knots of apparent wind. Now we fish again for some sushi.

Current Position: UTC22:18, 10deg 48.8min South, 110deg 40.0min East, COG 270deg-M, SOG-6.8kts, wind 11kts, Sunny Skies




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