Sailing Around The World

Sailing Isn’t Easy

Getting Towed into Morehead City NC

We made it from the Chesapeake Bay Maryland to Morehead City North Carolina but only one problem we have no engine. This morning around 04:30am the engine shut down due to a low oil pressure alarm. Also the water mineral filter canister broke lose and fell on the engine control wire harness which we think may have done some damage. I check the wire harness and a few other things but no go. So we sailed the last 11 nautical miles at 3.5 kts and we are anchored 1/2nm off shore waiting to be towed in.

But on a good note I saw a few whales; a bird hitched a ride for 12 hours and had breakfast with us before taking off. It was also one of the most stars lite skies I have seen in many years. Looking forward to more of the offshore experiences I will update the engine and departure time soon.

The Bird That Sailed with us for 24 hours Night vision red light when I took the picture of the bird.

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