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Sandy day 2

10/30/12 10:40am
We ended up having 60knot guest with 45knot prevailing winds. The tide is very high almost over the dock.But we are all ok and moving forward with our departure 11/6/12.

Drying out

The water is 4 ft higher then normal this morning! There is usally 3 feet of space between the bottom of the dock and the water.

In the Eye of Sandy

10/29/12 Time 2:38pm

Well I have to laugh because I think of all the decisions I have made to put myself right in front of the biggest hurricane to ever hit the east coast. I am currently located in AnnapolisMD right on the Chesapeake Bay. At least I have a front row ticket to all the action that’s come! At the moment the eye of the storm is 60 miles south and 250 miles east of our location. Currently we are experiencing wind gust up to 45 knots and the boat is tied to the dock with a 5 degree heel and continues to rain.  

 The good news is that my mom just finished baking some bread and we haves stew for dinner. I will check in later this evening maybe with some pictures.

Jacques Out!

Officially Quit My Job

Well the journey is getting more real now because I have quit my job today. One big step for me one small step for the voyage! Bring it on world I am ready and waiting!



Welcome To Dragonsbane Voyage

Hi, everybody I am glad you have made it to our blog site where we intend to post many updates, photos, and some of our adventures. I hope to let everybody enjoy our world sailing adventure as it happens. So please stay tuned and much more is soon to come.