Sailing Around The World

Day 6 Passage to Annapolis “Bit of Chop”

Well the wind has changed to our beam and the swell has come around too. Sense this mid-morning we have been having the joy of falling off random swell and taking green water over the deck. Its is a bit of fun though, we are maintaining 8kts bashing our way to Chesapeake Bay. Lets just say brushing your teeth became a full contact sport this morning. Another good thing is we are outrunning the tropical low south of our position for now, time will tell.



Current Position: 20:19UTC 29* 31.9’N, 72* 20.7’W, SOG 8.4kts, COG 000*M, WS 19kts, Swell 1-2Meters, Cloudy, 1024MB

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