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First Tattoo! Where it all Started Marquise

Last Monday we arrived from our long passage and have been very busy. One of the last thing that I wanted to do was get my first tattoo. So I got my first Swallow bird, which represents my first 5000 nautical miles sailed. I designed the tattoo with the help of a local artist Franswa. I had the swallow bird filled in the Marquises symbols which mean safe voyage, protection of the sole, power and strength, and the eye that  sees and avoids danger. I also had 5 of the same points put into the tattoo which represent 1000 naturals each. I spent 3 days working and design the tattoo and finally yesterday I was happy with the design. I went to the Franswa home were he had a little porch room that over looked the bay and was open to the outside air. He took the design from the paper and free hand designed it on to my skin. I was very worried because I always thought tattoo artist traced there designs on carbon paper and then stuck that to your skin. Not in Marquises, they free hand the design and then free hand the design to your skin. After he finished drawing it on me and I was happy he started the tattoo. I have never gotten a tattoo before and it was very interesting feeling the needle work over my skin. It hurt for the first 20 minutes like a hot knife being dragged along my skin and as time went on I just zoned out and enjoyed the sensations. I listened to my music and the buzz of the needle gun. I watch little lizards crawl across the ceiling and all the rosters outside the porch crow. After 1 hour of work the tattoo was done and I was very happy to have my first Tattoo ever. My plans when I left the states was to get a swallow tattoo for each 5000 nautical miles and so I have 5 more to go. Each tattoo will represent the area of the world I received the ink in.

My First Tattoo completed on Nuka Hiva Island Marquesan Islands 5/28/13

My First Tattoo completed on Nuka Hiva Island Marquesan Islands 5/28/13




I Found Never Never Land, With Beer!

Pic 1

FYI: Click on Pictures to see full size! O yeah I was a little drunk when I wrote this because I had to keep buying beer for the internet service!

Today we spent the day exploring the Island of NuKu Hiva which is one of the Iles Marquises Islands. We hired a very nice man named Tata Mahina  AKA Thomas. We meet him in his restaurant which is the second and only other restaurant on the island which is a truck with a porch to eat your meal under.  We had gone there for breakfast and enjoyed a pile of French bread, jam, butter, and the best coffee which was served in bowls because he had no cups but ended up being the best coffee to date. We arranged a tour of the island for today which he was happy to do because he said he was the best driver/taxi man on the island. My dad spent a hour talking his price down and we settled on a good price of 18,000 Franks, which is not bad for 3 people.

Thomas or Friend and Driver

Thomas or Friend and Driver

It was 8am and we started our drive around the island which would take all day. We began up the mountain and stopped just above our anchorage in the bay of Taiohae.  As we drove up we passed our Norwegian friends who I am working with to do a pig hunt on the island hopefully. All 3 of them arrived on a 27 foot sailboat that had no motor, little food or water but they made it 3000 nautical miles from the Galapagos. They had 4 people but they bought to much rum in south America and made the other guy go home, true story.


After passing our friends and making our way around the winding roads up the mountain we came into a red pine forest and I quickly felt like I was at home driving through Upper Michigan. Then we traveled for through the old crater of the volcano that once was fire, ash, and lava but today is green pastures for wild pigs, cows, and horses.

Pic 4 Pic 5

After we passed through the old crater we started climbing up the north side of the crater but soon ran into a big problem. Once again like all my adventures into the wild we ran into a road block. The day before there was lots of rain and there was a small rock slid that was blocking the mountain road. We were told that we could not pass because the road was blocked by rock and earth. Well being the engineers and builders that we are we marched up to the problem and said that this is no problem to Thomas.

Pic 6

All we had to do was move a few rocks and compact the earth a little and drop that truck into 4X4 and get ON IT, HUBA HUBA BABY! So we went to work and moved the big rocks and with our hands tossed rocks, mud, and shrubs out of the way. It took about a hour but we made a great road. The first jeep made it over and then the next. The three of us felt great to help  out the local people to make it across the earth slid and people thanked us all day. I felt great to fix a problem other than a sailboat related. With smiles on our faces as we continued around the island to the Village called Hatihau. Thomas said we are the best and smiled.

Pic B Pic 6A

I guess I miss understood Thomas when he said we would take a dirt road and it would be a short cut. What he really meant was that the dirt road or two track was the main road on the back side of the island to his village. As we drove along the two track dirt road we passed a canyon, and meadows of green.


It was so funny as we drove the road had cows, horses, and goats which sometimes blocked the road. It was really interesting when we would drive by the animals at 35 mph and they just stood in one place like nothing was happening. I would think to myself, “if that bull moved 2 feet to the left we would hit him head on and more then likely die”!


We continued to drive and saw some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.


It was realy cool as we drove we would stop and get melons, papaya, mangos, grapefruit, coconut, bananas,  and a few other fruits I don’t know the names of but ate anyway. They all were right off the trees and we ate them up.


After we stopped for a picnic we traveled to Thomas village and his home where he had to stop and feed the cow goat. He told us to look at his mango tree and left us. We enjoyed a chicken fight as they beat over one another to eat the mangos that fell to the ground. Then Thomas came back with a hand full of fresh limes for my dads Gin and Tonics. Then he used his home made mangos catcher to gather up fresh mangos and gave us a dozen for the boat.

Pic 18 A

It was getting late about 5pm and Thomas had to stop and get coconuts for his restaurants which we helped him do. Then we drove back down the mountain to the bay we are anchored in. We all agreed that the day was fun and worth the cost. We got into the dinghy and made it back to Dragonsbane to have beers, and eat dinner as we watched the sky clear and the man in the moon smile at us as we smelled the sweet island smells drift into our cabin.

Pic 21 Pic 22



Marquises, Nuku Hiva Island Landfall

Ok, first all the french studying I did provide me with the knowledge that I suck at speaking french and I learned pretty much nothing. But I will keep at it and hopefully it will stick more in my head like my Spanish. I say that because the first response to a question I had in french I responded with Spanish, oops.

As we sailed into Nuke Hiva Island you could see tall mountains with jagged peaks that looked like the saw teeth of a shark that dripped with fog and clouds rolling down to the ocean. As we rounded into the bay of Taiohae I could hear loud drums being pounded and then the waves being crushed up against the volcano walls that opened up into a bowl that held the town of Nuku Hiva and the sailboats all anchored together. It was a emotional thing to see and hear because it didn’t look real. The colors are so bright, wonderful, and the landscapes are covered in waterfalls and sounds are just thunderous all around. It is just amazing here!


100_4159100_4154100_4160100_4161100_4162 100_4161

Day 22 Galapagos to Marqueses Island 5/21/13

We have made landfall and finished our 3281 nautical mile sail. I am on the Island called Nuku Hiva and looks like the island in Jurassic Park movie. It is a big volcano and we are anchored in the old volcano summit. It is the most beautiful place I have seen to date, or maybe just not seeing anything for 3 weeks could be the cause. But this place is awesome and I am off to eat, drink, and relax.

Current Position: 8deg 54.97min South, 140deg 06.02West

Beer is only 330 feet from the back of my boat!



Day 21 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/20/13

I feel like I am climbing an up hill battle once again. The wind is blowing only 6 knots and we are crawling to the finish line at 4 knots or less. We are implementing every trick we can think of to increase our speed. We are now running a full main sail, Jib on our port, and a spinnaker off our starboard. The cockpit is so full of lines that we spend most the time coiling and winching in sheets to keep the sails tuned, heaven forbid a squall catch us now. What a grand mess a squall would make of us right now under all this sail. But we are leaning down and stretching our heads to the west horizon as hard as we can to make it to land. We are all tired of the same food and tonight we will dine for the second time on soup, beans, and canned fruit for dessert. We will have one beer each, instead of water to keep up our moral.

Current Position: 8deg 48.4min South, 137 deg 56.65min West

Soup is just an excuse for water to be called dinner!



Day 20 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/19/13

Another wonderful day out on the ocean and another 160 nautical miles under our belt. We have 200 nautical miles to go but the wind is dropping off to 8 knots and the ocean is very lumpy. Dragonsbane is slowly crawling to the finish line well she sways back and fourth. I guess I will get very little sleep tonight as I roll around my cabin. But the good news is we are almost there. Thank god, because we have nothing exciting to eat and only meat and can goods period.

Current Position: 8deg 43min South, 136deg 15min West

Beer, Beer, BEEEEEEEEEEER, beer!



Day 19 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands .5/18/13

We only have 360 nautical miles to go and hopefully if the wind stays strong we should be on dry land in 3 days, maybe. To day we are flying the spinnaker and averaging 8 knots per hour. The weather is nice and sky is clear. I am surprised because there is a cyclone below us and hurricane above us. The only issue we had to day was one of our spinnaker sheets chafed through and we had to fix that. Other then that, just looking forward to land.

Current Position: 8deg 33.74min South, 133deg 38.01min West

So, three guys in a boat are drinking BEER! Yup



Day 18 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/17/13

Wow, over two weeks have passed by and I am still sailing on the Pacific Ocean. I won’t lie to you and say that this easy. In my mind before this trip I did not put to much thought into the duration of this ocean crossing from Galapagos to Marquesas even after I looked at the charts and saw the distance on paper. But now the peace of the ocean that stretches for thousands of miles in all direction I am beginning to long for the noises of others. The daily motion of the ocean and noise of sails slapping or rigging clanging is all that breaks the silence. I have read many books now and practiced my French. I have cooked all that can be cooked with the ingredients that I have onboard and now I am limited to meat, pasta, and canned vegetables. I cannot run out to the market and get some black pepper, comfort food, or turn on the TV. I am now on my island that seems to shrink a little everyday. I am glad that I am learning what it means to truly be cut off from the world other then this blog, which I can only write and not receive any comment. It’s a one way window and you get to look through it from both sides. You are all so lucky!

Current Position: 8deg 00.1min South, 130deg 42.8min West

It’s not luck, its time and place that matter.



Day 17 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/16/13

The waves are not as big this evening as this morning 12 footers. The sun is dropping below the ocean and casting a bright red glow and smell of simmering sweet curry chicken fills the air. The flying fish are enjoying the tall waves and soaring 20, 30 feet before crashing back into the ocean. The wind is cool and the sun is warm but my mind is elsewhere thinking of home, you, and where I plan to be next year. It’s strange as you sail your mind wonders off to other parts of the world and you guess what everybody is up to. But some moments of thinking are snapped shut when the wind blows hard and sails dip deep to the starboard. You have to concentrate for long periods of time to maneuver over and through the waves. You check your bearing, then the sail, sheets, and wind direction to maintain your 7 knots of speed. Then after you watch your crew down below get tossed around the cabin you smile because you could have told them you where going over a 20 foot wave but it was more fun to watch there food shoot across the cabin followed by them and there rants of anger. Yup I call that good fashion entertainment followed by a 2 minute late yell of BIG WAVE and the crew below say KNOW SHIT! Yes, good time on the big blue Pacific Ocean!

Current Position: 7deg 51min South, 128deg 25.9min West

Pacific Ocean sailboat decks are just like salted Margarita rims!



Day 16 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/15/13

I received good news from our friend Don on the southern Cyclone aka Hurricane. The cyclone is located below the 40 degree latitude but it covers most of the lower southern Pacific from New Zealand to South America. The only bad thing is it will be spinning off waves 12 to 20 feet from the south west for the next 2 to 3 days, should make one hell of a washing machine effect. We currently have waves around 6 to 12 feet but most of them are from our stern which makes it a nice ride. Other then that, not to much to report and only 875 nautical miles to go.

Current position: 7deg 20.0min South, 125deg 59.83min west

Salt water is wetter then freshwater, FACT!



Day 15 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/14/13

HI!!!!! Last night was packed full of squalls, rain storms, crazy waves, 35 knot gust and I now know what it feels like to live in a working washing machine. My last watch 24:00 of the night I noticed the wind drop off and the air get really warm. Then I started to get waves bashing into the side of Dragonsbane which tossing us around pretty violently. I turned on the radio and a squall 12 mile in radios was 4 miles behind me. I yelled to Adam to get on deck and put in a reef. I pulled in the roller furling and then the squall hit but the wind only got up to 28knots. Lots of rain and a washing machine effect of waves from 2 to 3 meters. After an hour it was Adams shift and he did a good job working through the squalls that passed by all night until about 3am when my dad helped him out. I was trying to sleep but kept getting thrown around my bunk all night and had some crazy dreams about my old job. Anyway the weather for tonight looks a little crazy again, so I cooked up a good dinner. I cooked pan seared chicken with a dry vermouth sauce and serviced it over wheat noodles with olive oil. It was hard hanging onto the hand holds with one hand and cook dinner with the other but I gotter done. The good thing about cooking well sailing is you really dont have to mix anything; the boat does it for you.

I should add that I chatted with 12 other sailors about 100 or so miles around us and weather was issued from the Chile Government about a cyclone south of our position but is stable and fixed in its current position. FYI a cyclone is what the southern hemisphere calls a hurricane. So that next few days should be a lot of fun!

Current position: 6deg 59.86min south, 123deg 23.55min West

I am out of cookies! SHIT!!!


Day 14 Galapagos to Marquesas Island 5/13/13

Hope everybody had a great Mothers Day and weekend. I am still out in the middle of Pacific Ocean with about 1130 nautical miles to go. We sailed through the night with the Spinnaker up and most of today with an average speed of 8 knots. But we took down the spinnaker for tonight because the wind is up to 20 knots already and the sky is full of squall clouds which I am guessing should make for a fun night. Nothing like sailing through a storm when you can’t see it! On a good note I did see a pod of 50 or more Dolphins swimming and jumping all around Dragonsbane. I was a little nervous sailing through the pod but they seem to enjoy the company. I also baked a loaf of fresh bread and gambled on adding 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, it worked out well. The hardest thing was getting the dough to rise when the boat was moving all over the place. But it tasted great with our chicken and canned yams.

Current location: 7deg 10.4min South, 121deg 27.6min West

It takes a Rocket Scientist to piss into the wind correctly, Proven by Adam!


Day 13 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/12/13 8pm

I realized that I used todays date for yesterdays blog post, OOPS. So yeah, its day 13 and we have lost the wind again. I am not sure why because talking on the SSB radio there are few folks with 15 knots of wind behind us at 95deg west/3deg south. But regardless we are running our spinnaker and making 4.7 knot of speed with 8.5 knots of wind. We had a productive day and we did not even get any poo on us! We made 30 gallons of water and charged up our battery bank for the evening. I also chucked 20 flying fish back in the sea and wish they would stop jumping into the boat. They keep stinking up the place! Anyway Happy Mothers Day to all those Mother out there!

Current Location: 6deg 48.30min South, 118deg 39.95min West

Flying fish dont make good cocktails, FYI!


PS. 1,250 nautical miles remaining!

Day 12 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/12/13

Well another exciting day at sea! The wind is up to 25 knots and the waves are starting to get 10 feet high. I had a great day of being bounced around Dragonsbane as we went up the wave and down the wave at sometimes 20 degrees or 30 weeeeeeee! But I guess the one thing that I noticed more then anything was the great deal we got on purple and yellow onions. We bought them at the Galapagos fresh market at a very cheap price so we bought a lot. Now after being out in the open ocean for 12 days I am beginning to be overwhelmed by our hanging basket of onions. There is nothing better the smell of old onions swing around in our main cabin. Last, most of our bread has a great freezer taste and the only way I can eat the bread is by toasting it on the stove. I have burnt my hands twice now, but it makes my SPAM sandwiches taste much better. O yeah, to day Adam was baptized by the Pacific Ocean when a big wave came over the stern and soaked him. All I heard was DAM IT, and I looked up laughing. Welcome to the club Adam!

Current Location: 6deg 17.31min South, 116deg 27.52min West

FYI don’t buy a lot of onions when crossing an ocean! Buy MORE BEEEEER!


Day 11 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/10/13

Today was pretty crappy day in a literal and figurative way! It began like most of our normal mornings at sea but there was a odd smell in the air that gave me the feeling that today was going to be interesting. After my change of watch with Adam my dad had discovered that the toilet was not working and I had notice issues earlier in the morning but hoped that it would fixes itself. The toilet plumbing was plugged somewhere and crap was at the brim of over flowing the toilet. My dad took apart his cabin to gain access to the holding tank and macerator pump. We realized that the holding tank was not being discharged via the macerator pump and the plug had to be down stream of the pump. So as my dad took apart the plumbing I watch as a stream of tropical warm shit spread across his cabin and on him. I laughed and choked at the smell. I opened his deck hatch but Adam at the helm made a quick recover turn and caught a wave which broke over the deck into the hatch where I was soaked with sea water. My dad only looked at me and said you should not have opened the hatch, well know shit but it smells like shit in here. He then proceed to trouble shoot the problem with ideas of why the plug had occurred and where it may be. I suggest the anti siphon lock and my dad agreed. I went back to help Adam tune some sails and put the staysail up so we could gain a little more speed. After I returned my dad had taken apart most of the bathroom cabinet that contained the anti siphon locks and removed them from the holding tank hose to find no issues. He then took apart the macerator pump found a rubber o ring out of place and thought that it was the problem. Then he forgot how to put it back together. We some how got the pump, and hose reconnected, turn on the pump. It worked and discharged the holding tank contents. I had enough of the holding tank and told my dad I was going to re plumb the toilet so when you pumped the toilet it went right over board. But first I would flush the holding tank with sea water and finish it off one last time with some holding tank treatment fluid that made poo smell like mint.

After filling the tank with ocean water I turnned the macerator pump on and nothing happened, it didn’t work. So my dad thought that now the flapper valves on the pump were hung up but I disagreed. He took the hose off the pump and a rush of poo came out into the bottom of the boat. Now we where both mad and puzzled. We put the hose back on and turned the pump on and it worked. I said ok, I will put the mint treatment in and that’s the last time we will have to use the macerator pump. After assembling the toilet hoses and reinstalling the toilet hand pump I tried the new discharge arrangements I had made. It worked great but I notice that the pressure would build up in the hand pump fast, to the point that I could not move the handle and then it would move freely. I realized that when the boat heeled to 20 degrees starboard it would put a hydraulic head pressure in the hose and the pump was not strong enough to discharges the poo. I realized that when we ran the macerator pump the same problem occurred. But regardless I kept the new setup and thought that we could at least save power by not using the electric macerator pump anymore. As a last cleanup of our new system my dad told me he would like to empty the old unused plumbing pipes by pumping air through them. I agreed and he rigged up a foot pump to blow air through the old plumbing. Some how I ended up on the discharge end of the pipe holding a bucket to catch any poo water that was blown out. My dad asked if I was ready? I said yes! Just then the boat lift up and dropped down 20 degrees where I was standing. The pipe I had in my hand was not pointed at the bucket anymore and I fell to my butt. I yelled! Hold on one minute! But it was to late, a stream of minty fresh poo water blasted into my lap. I kept yelling for my dad to stop, but his hearing is not the best these days and I got blasted one last time. When they say that you can pump 20 gallons per minute through those pipes they are not bullshitting. I stood up and my dad asked what happen, I said you covered me in poo that’s what happened. Dad said, well you should have told me to stop. I just shook my head and turned back to may work and finished up everything.

That evening after I had a shower I cooked dinner and looked forward to my one ration of beer or wine we each got for dinner. I made nothing fancy for dinner as I was tired from working all day on the poo situation. We sat at the cockpit dinner table or I should say coffee table and Adam poured us a beer from the last can we had. As I sat and started to eat my hotdog with mac & cheese a big wave picked up Dragonsbane and dropped her on the side beam. The last of all the beer was now in my lap and I was so pissed off covered in beer. My dad said without thinking “you should have put it in the cup holders” well know SHIT! So I went rinsed off my only beer and I had to laugh finally at the days situations. But the good news is that my dad found two warm beers! Two of the cheapest beers I have ever bought or tasted PANAMA Beer INC. I drank my beer to the last drop and it was the best beer I have had in a long time.

Current location: 5deg 53.84min South, 113deg 55.34min West

Yup! I got the POO on me!


Day 10 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/9/13

Today the wind changed by a few degrees so it was right behind us and made things very dicey. We have been sailing under two jibs and a mainsail which has produced some of our best mileage to date. We made 140 nautical miles in 24 hours under that sail configuration and I hoping to continue the good speed but all must come to an end. We are now on a easy tack heading 255 degrees west at 7 knots. As I am writing this it is dark out and for the first time I can see a huge ship off in the distance that is lighting up the ocean like a big outdoor sports arena. So I will have to keep a watchful eye on him and enjoy the cool evening breeze with a sky full of big bright stars. Looking back on today I saw a pack of maybe 30 dolphins swimming along Dragonsbane. But the sad news is that I also hooked a fish and it took out most of my line because I forgot to set my clicker to make noise. Unfortunately the line was cut, leaving me about 150 feet of 500. O well I will have to rig up something new and stronger with the materials I have onboard.

Current Position: 5deg 38.19min South, 111deg 15.86min West

Yup! It does smell!


Day 9 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/8/13

The water feels warm but looks so cold and dark today. The sky is overcast and the shapes of clouds project a dark shadow over the oceans surface in strange shapes. One seagull and a ton of flying fish are the only things that are keeping us company today. We put up a lot of sail to day so we can maintain 6 knots but the wind has been low and we have only been able to average 5.5 knots. The waves are small but still make Dragonsbane sway back and fourth all day. 1820 Nautical Miles to go.

Current Location: 5deg 53.62min South, 108deg 44.3min West.

Tomorrow, the Sun Will Rise and I Will Watch!


Day 8 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/7/13

I over slept this morning and missed the SSB radio net and did not get a weather report of the 6 sailboats 100 miles around us. O well, the weather was warm, sunny, and had a few rain storms. We sailed the spinnaker for 12 hours today averaging 6.8 knots and I am happy to say that we have only 1,984 nautical miles to go. That’s right 1/3 of the way there and we have not lost our minds yet. I am looking forward to the next 15 days and hope that they go by just as quick as the last 8.

Current location: 5deg 32.67min South, 106deg 37.44min West

The Ocean water here is not so Salty! Interesting!



Day 7 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/6/13

Yup, pretty dang exciting today! We had the wind die off to about 8 knots so we change sails and put up a Spinnaker. We went from 4 knots to 8 knots and it felt pretty good to be sailing so fast. It made me think that we will be in the Marquises in no time flat. Thats right only 16 more days and I will get to have lots of beer or rum or something with alcohol, at this point I am not to picky. That and a long hot shower instead of my daily salt bath with a fresh water rinse. But thats the future and right now I am happy just being out in the world living the dream!

Current Location: 5deg 4.01min South, 104deg 24.21 min West

Dream Big! Then Live the Dream!


Day 6 Galapagos To Marquesas Islands 5/5/13

Good news caught 2 mahi mahi and cooked them up with a mayo, dill, mustard sauce. Then crushed Ritz crackers over the fish and backed it for 15 minutes at 450 degrees or at least tried to keep 450 in my tin box oven. Turned out real well and got request for seconds. I will have to try for more fish tomorrow. The weather today was sunny, windy, and the swells were very small only around 3 to 5 feet. We did have a few issues last night and again this morning. Two days ago we used our little generator to charge up our batteries and make water which overwhelmed our charger. We discovered this morning when I tried to charge my labtop that the inverter stopped working. So after a few hours of tracing wires, reading manuals we found a melted contact and fixed it. Now it works and we can charge our batteries again. It seems that everyday we find or create new problems and spend time solving them. It is tough to be 100% off the grid and even harder when you can see land.

Current Location: 4deg 40.66min South, 101deg 59.18min West

Enjoy Your Evening,


Day 5 Galapagos to Marquesas Island 5/4/13

The ocean is an amazing place when you are miles from the nearest shore. I sleep sometimes wondering, when I get back to the mainland if the world will have changed a great deal. For the last few days I have been looking out in to the ocean as far as you can see and see nothing but open space and blue water. I am stranded on my little Island called Dragonsbane. Here in the ocean time stand still and the dates of time have no real meaning anymore. For the first time in my life I can truly say I/we are alone and our fate lies in our hands truly. One mistake can orchestrate a domino affect that could have deadly results but I walk the razors edge with a smile. Here now in the ocean that is so blue like bright frozen ice which we sail across it like butter in a hot frying pan. I don’t care about money, work, technology, TV programs, sports, or what people’s opinions may be of me. I have found peace in the world and I had to sail 1500 miles out into nothingness to find it. I wish I could transfer the feeling of what I am experiencing but I think it would be different for each person. It’s so hard to experience days of zero stimulation from the world I was surrounded by back in the USA. All stimulation cell phone, radios, TV commercials, texts, internet, traffic, dumb people, and so on are not possible here. Its everything that I thought it could be and it is a priceless commodity to hold. If you think about it, you may realize that you may never find a place like it on the mainland where home is. Today we live in a world with no boundaries, connected to each wireless dreading that something may be missed. I just wish that we could have one day a year where everybody just turns off the power to everything for one hour and listen to nothing but silence. I think it could add days to everybody’s life. I, for now have learned to turn it off and not feel a sense of panic.

Current location: 4deg 14.9min South, 99deg 15.9min West

Yup! Life is a Hell of a Thing,


Day 4 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/3/13

I only had a few hits on the fishing rod today but the last one is one to remember. I was working on sharpening my knifes down in the galley when Adam screamed for everybody to get up on deck. Not sure what could be so important as Dragonsbane was sailing normal and we didn’t hit anything in the ocean. I rushed up on deck and looked in the direction of his pointing finger and saw a big pod of whales swimming by. Then my fishing reel took off like a bat out hell and was screaming. I rushed to it and increased the drag. I looked behind the boat and I had caught a whale, not a little whale but a very big and blue whale. I was surprised and for once hoped that my hook would pop off. I pulled really hard and it did pop off. I thought that I would never catch a whale until today. I think that could have been my chance but I am trying not to catch things bigger then my boat. Although I could have said “you should have seen this fish I caught, it was so big you couldn’t even fit into the boat”! So that was the real excitement for the day and we all started our French Lessons today. Nothing like being in a new country and not understanding anything that is coming out of there mouth. All I really need to know “is where is the bathroom”, and “I want a huge BEER, please”. Other then knowing that you are just trying to show off!

Current Location: 3deg 39.1min South, 96deg 37.0min West

Good Luck and Goodnight,


Day 3 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/2/13


I woke this morning a little sad that I lost my favorite clone lure to some big fish yesterday. I had a 150lbs test leader that passed through the lure to the hook and some big fish bit right through the line. So in retaliation I have changed all my mono leaders to stainless steel wire 500 lbs test. I hope that this will be last of these kinds of problems! O wait, one minute! After I awoke and dropped my line off the back of Dragonsbane trolling around 7 knots I hooked into a real nice TUNA! Reeled it in and filleted it up ending in 8 lbs of raw meat. After cleaning up my mess I grabbed my rod again to deploy the lure back out behind Dragonsbane, BANG!!!!!!!! “SON OF!!!!!!!!!!!” I hit the rod tip into the wind generator and it cut my line which had my other favorite lure and bent the rod tip. I was so mad I just about through the whole works in to ocean and gave the Fish Gods the middle finger. Told the fishing gods I was going to through hand grenades into the ocean if this keeps up, but I would more then likely put a whole in Dragonsbane and I have to fix that to. But after I calmed down I got another clone that has not been very successful and tossed it out into the ocean. About a hour later I had a really big hit and the line was peeling off the real which is my second most favorite sound in the whole world. I was alone in the cockpit and yelled for someone to get on deck and take in the jib! I set the hook and tighten the drag on the reel. No one was on deck yet so I grabbed the jib and pulled in the sail. My dad made it on deck at this point, I gave him the helm and reached for my rode. I started grinding in on the huge fish behind our tossing and turning wake and just as the Tuna broke the surface my line popped off. “SON OF! STUPID, DUMBASS!” Why do I fish I hate this stupid sport, dam, dam, dam, But did you see the size of that thing! Ok put the lure back in the ocean. Spent the rest of the day making Sushi, and had fresh pan fried pepper tuna with corn. Yup Life is good even if I am loosing my mind fishing!

Good Luck Fishing,

Current Location: not where the fish are but, 3deg 3.99min South, 93deg 46.84min West.


Day 2 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/1/13

Ok, so I read my fishing guide book again and purchased varies fishing gear from many different stores on Galapagos Island. I had to buy some lures in one store, then walk across town to buy more fishing line in another, and then put together bits of old fishing gear to make new lures. I did purchase one manufactured Lure and it was the only one that got some action. I didn’t see the hit but a fish of some kind put a big gash in the side of my new lure and I have nothing to show for it “DAM IT!” Anyway I have engineered 3 handlines and my ocean master fish rode/reel set up so I can have 4 lures trolling behind Dragonsbane at once. It should be pretty interesting if I hook anything big with all that gear in the water but I don’t care. I want a really big TUNA!

The rest of the day was spent trying to harness the wind which was only around 4 knots all day. We did get a few small squalls with buckets of fresh rain which was nice. I took a rain shower and as soon as I had enough shampoo in my hair it stopped raining. But it rained enough to get my fishing guide book water logged again. We are slowly getting back into our routine and only have 2,812 nautical miles to go!

Current Location: 2deg 42.72min South, 92deg 17.58min West.

Love Fish, just don’t try and catch them! They are smart!