Sailing Around The World

Day 5 Voyage to Annapolis

Passed several ships in the last 24 hours as we fight the swell and headwind’s. Luckily in the last hour or so the wind has clocked enough for us to sail in a north westerly direction but still not straight for the Chesapeake Bay. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed that we will still arrive this coming weekend. Hopefully things will improve, at least the weather is becoming cooler as we head north.

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Current Position: 20:08utc 26* 58.1’N, 71* 12.3’W, SOG 4kts, COG 340*M, WS 14kts @ 010*NNE, Swell 1-2 meters

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  1. Bruce Movalson

    Awesome venture and thank you for sharing your posts! Your trip descriptions have been so well written that one feels likes he/she is at the helm. Thank you for sharing. I want to serve you some beers/ drinks and listen to stories . Be safe and congrats on this final leg of the journey. Well done!!!

    May 3, 2015 at 9:58 pm