Sailing Around The World

At Staniel Cay Just Getting Groceries

We arrived in the early afternoon with the sun still high in the sky which was good for maneuvering Dragonsbane into our new anchorage for the night. As I helmed Dragonsbane into the narrow channels the depth was only 6.8 feet deep and Dragonsbane needs 6.5 feet before she hits ground. But because the sun was high I could motor right through the natural channels and between 2 great rocks that opened into a nice anchorage where we dropped anchor for the night.

We went ashore and had lunch at the local yacht club which was nothing more than a wood structure with screens for walls, a bar, and an enclosed kitchen. It was nice to have someone else make my meal and allow myself to enjoy a cold beer that seemed to sink right to my toes. I had for the first time a conch burger which was conch deep-fried in batter and then served on some of the islands local bread and garnished with deep-fried onion rings. I was told their conch burgers where the best and never having a conch burger I will have to say that it was what I thought a conch burger should taste like. It tasted like chewy over cooked meat, but being deep fired made it taste good like it should.

After the adventureous meal we decided to walk to the bakery where a women supposedly made the bread and as we made our way to her house we were passed by many friendly locals in golf carts scurring around the island doing whatever they do. We arrived at the women’s house and was informed that we would have to put in an order for bread and that it would be ready in the morning, but being that we would be moving on in the morning we decided to pass on the bread. We made our way to the local general store that sold groceries and other miscellaneous items. I was told that the delivery ship had been in this morning and the shelves would be freshly stocked, great news! I walked into the store to find very few items and only the basics, milk, eggs, frozen meats, mayo, and some sweets. I think that was it in the store other than engine oil, and some very spare parts for your engine if it was from the 70’s. I also noticed that you could rent VHS videos and that made me chuckle.  So we bought the basics and hiked our way back to the dinghy, zipped out to Dragonsbane and by that time it was dark, time for supper. Seems to me that every little task when cruising is an adventure, don’t you think?



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