Sailing Around The World

O A Glass Of Jameson and The Company of the Drunk Mosquito

I accomplished a few things today in the hot sun of 88 degrees and it made my mouth water for some whiskey. The local crowds are not around tonight to share in my tails and to hear new ones so I filled a small glass of Jameson with some O so precious ice. I now sip it little by little in the Dragonsbane cockpit and I am accompanied by the Turk rum drunk mosquito.

 Today I drink to making the ship shine by washing her down with fresh water and joy soap. I polished her silver chrome and broke down the dinghy to shield her from the suns intense UV raise. O I will sleep well tonight and wish all of you the best as you freeze in the snow and wind as I will melt to my bed sheets yet again tonight!

 Goodnight Friends,


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