Sailing Around The World

3rd Day At Sea

Well the wind is still right out of the east and the direction like always I am trying to go is east. So we tack back and fourth working are way to our final destination. We still have about 80 nautical miles to go straight east so that should take us about 20 hours do to the wind direation. O well this part of the adventure. On a good note I caught a Tuna which we ate for supper and I am stuffed. On a bad note a whole bunch of little things broke do to windy squalls and ropes wiping all over, but repairs where made at sea. Hope you all have a good night!

Our Location: 20deg 4.19min N, 70deg 8.56min W
Current weather: wind east@10 to 27 knots, Waves 5 to 10 feet



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