Sailing Around The World

My World is on a 25 Degree Slant

Day three out on the ocean I am beginning to believe that the world is no longer level. For the last 72 hours and counting the boat has been on a 20 degree plus angle which make everything more challenging to do. For example as the boat bounces up, down, back, fourth the simple task of walking around is accompanied by smacking yourself into the boat. I fell like I am trapped in a human size pin ball machine and I am the ball.

Few other notes I saw a group of 5 whales that came very close to hitting our boat, but where cool to watch. For fun last night a passenger cruise liner came within half nautical mile of me and cut me off forcing me off course. I didn’t understand why he had to be right on top of me. I guess to get some good picture opportunities for the guest, what a A-HOLE. Anyway we have good sunny weather, but the wind is now south east and we won’t make landfall till tomorrow morning.

Current Position: 18deg 57.02min N, 66deg 1.75min W



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  1. Barbara Soumis

    I can see by your lat and long coordinates that you have been on one huge tack or another. At least you have had some interesting sights. The whales must have been incredible. Love you, Mom

    January 23, 2013 at 10:56 pm