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Broken Dinghy Motor With Broken Blisters!

Today I spent the day first by moving the boat to a better anchorage and then setting up the dinghy on deck. Then mounted the outboard onto the dinghy but found the engine would not start. I pulled on the engine cord for many pulls to the point that both hands had broken blisters. After waiting patiently I gave it one last finally try and the engine fired up. Thank god, because I was about to rebuild the whole dam thing in the water. After a quick dinghy ride to shore we tied up the dinghy but could not get the lock to work due to the salt binding up the lock. My dad suggested soaking it in the fuel tank to dissolve the salt and being a good idea I did so. After pulling out the lock and working it with the key, my hands covered in gas and oil my open blisters burned with pain. So being the smart person I am I dipped my hands into the ocean only to reminded myself that salt water on open cuts hurts even more. Anyway we walked to Frenchtown to a Scuba shop where I met Scott who owns the shop and purchased all my gear for scuba diving and maybe a compressor system to fill my tanks for the future scuba dives. Then we went to a local taco joint and had some very strong Margareta’s. Then after consuming some good food we walked  miles back to the dinghy. It’s a funny thing trying to find your boat among 100s of sail boats from all over the world anchored in the same place. Its like play the game of where is Waldo? But we found Dragonsbne and made it back so I can wait till mom arrives at 10:30pm. It should be interesting finding Dragonsbane when I bring my mom from shore. I can’t wait for tomorrow and all the window shopping on St. Thomas we can do.



Can you Find Dragonsbane?

Can you Find Dragonsbane?


Walking the St Thomas Water Front

Walking the St Thomas Water Front

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  1. Steve List

    Jacques , is that Charlotte Amalie? I woke up on my first cruise ship in that harbor. I have been back twice since that . It’s still my favorite harbor

    January 30, 2013 at 12:03 am

    • Yes it is and it is my favorite too. I love this place, one could get a time share and have a great get away. You and the wife should look into it. The weather is great and so are the adventures!

      January 30, 2013 at 12:10 am

      • Steve List

        I have a friend of my whose father-in-law owned a home there on the hillside overlooking the harbor. Unfortunately he sold it. Last time we were there in 2011 we did a shore excursion on a big catamoram and sailed through a narrow strait to St. Johns I never saw so much current in my life with all that ocean water necked down into such a narrow passage. We anchored off of Honeymoon beach and snorkeled. Had a few rum drinks

        January 30, 2013 at 4:06 pm