Sailing Around The World

St. Barts! Is French!

We arrived in St. Bart’s this afternoon to a sight of 10 or 15 mega yachts that caused my eyes to widen by there design and splendor. Yachts’ that looked like they where out of sci-fi fiction and overwhelmed the mind of how much they could possibly cost. For instance there dingy tenders where wood cigar boats that carried their owner to and from the little French town in Bart’s. I feel like I am the ugly duck surrounded by white swans as we are anchored in the middle of them. The atmosphere is thick with French and the style of the women’s cloths and their beauty is worth a double take. I am in love with the French and wish that I could speak French to talk with them. The town is small but stuffed with French clothing stores and high end stores. The people walk around clothed in fashion that must cost 10k per outfit and they still have a sense of kindness and happiness to see me walking the streets. Lots of love felt here and I would love to pitch a tent on the beach and learn the language, work doing whatever for a month or two. But like all good things in life I have to move on to see what is around the next island. Our plans are to sail 30 hours to Guadeloupe which was once all inhabited with women. When Columbus sailed there he was attacked and sent away by the women tribes that once occupied the Island. I am hoping that we can sail the whole way but we will see what the ocean does.

The only issue I have with St. Bart’s is the anchorage that we are in has large swells that are parallel with our boat and cause the boat to rock side to side by 10 degrees and makes my stomach turn. I hope the night will calm the motion of the ocean but I think not. However to ease the motion I am listening to smooth French jazz over the radio. Good night my friends and family, miss you all.


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