Sailing Around The World

Diving in Bonaire

I spent the day diving off the shores of Bonaire Island and enjoyed a spectacle of schools of fish of ever color you could imagine. I took many videos swimming through schools of fish and kicking my fins through the many coral heads that where covered with bright colored sea life. As I dived I noticed that if you just relaxed in one spot and watched the reef you would start to see many different fish that blended in if you just swam by. I was able to dive between 40 and 60 feet and enjoyed Bonaire Island diving as it is the 3rd best dive site in the world. Tomorrow we will sail to Curacoa Island.

Diving in Bonaire at 50 Feet

Diving in Bonaire at 50 Feet

I wish I could have post the 2 minute video that I took but I have such bad internet it would take 6 hours. Anyway I took a still and this is what I ended up with. I guess I will have to figure out a better way to shoot pictures underwater.



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