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Now In Tortola BVI

The New Neighborhood We are anchored in.

The New Neighborhood We are anchored in.

We had to motor from St. Thomas to Soper’s Hole on Tortola British Virgin Island. It was a quick trip only 4 hours and we did not loss anybody. Passed through customs with no problem, and had lunch at Pusser’s Rum Restaurant. Doing good on rum prices again  only $11.50 per fifth for Pusser’s rum! Sounds like the Dude will switch to Pain Killers, and Bushwhackers! When in Rome!



FYI, I had to tell you this but as I am uploading the picture and blog I have to time the internet connect button with the swing of the boat. I have a antenna mounted on the back of Dragonsbane for wifi and sometime I can catch free wifi. Lets just say this little ditty took 45 minutes to send and the dam wind was against me again swing everywhere but into free wifi. LOL