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Diving on Curacao Island

I spent the day with a German Dive Master checking out the diving around Curacao Island. Once again the diving was spectacular with no disappointments.  We began or dive from the beach  and submerged to 40 feet along a long reef wall where they had dumped a pill of trucks and cars down the 200 foot reef wall. The old cars and trucks where covered in coral like shrubs and ferns as if in a forest. I descended down to 60 feet and saw lots of crabs and crazy looking fish. After swimming back to the beach slowly decompressing along the way we got out of our gear and jumped into this old rusty van and went to the next dive site. We dove off a pier that had a floating oil rig under repair like the ones you see in the Golf of Mexico. Under the shadow of the oil rig we descended down to 55 feet and hovered over a cliff that dropped to 200 plus feet and as I floated off the cliff and looked down I could see dark blue and deep black colors with shadows of giant fish swimming below me. I turned my attention back to the reef walls and watch Sea Horses playing about, and schools of fish, mixed in with giant neon colored creatures. The coral was bright and full of life. As I swam I felt so at peace down in the depths as I came over a reef and saw an old sunken tug boat. Lots of fish now sat in the wheel house and the coal reef was slowly eating up the old wreck. We then swam to the giant pier and into the dark shadows of the deck 35 feet above our heads. As I saw into the dark thin beams of light cut through the water and gave just enough light to illuminate the large Barracuda fish just hanging out. The water was so clear it was if I was standing outside my house looking into the forest with tall hard wood trees at sunset. As I swam between the tall piers I felt like I was in space and I was so relaxed I really never wanted to leave. It was a good day finished up with homemade fish tacos.



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  1. Barbara Soumis

    Wow. Thank you for sharing this. Your adventures are taking you from one amazing place to another!! The pictures are incredible. Mom

    March 4, 2013 at 3:03 pm