Sailing Around The World

Learning a Talent

I sail the earth with the idea that each new place will teach me something new and I will become a better person. As I travel I meet new people of all walks of life that inspire me to do more with my life. I find that the happiest people in this world are the ones working hard, but enjoy what they are doing regardless of the pay. Today I found myself with a charming and beautiful woman named Jay! She is very happy and getting married to her love. What I found so inspiring was the way she overflowed with giving and helpfulness. I walked into her Cigar shop; I was grated with a big smile and lots of questions. I asked her where I could find DVD’s and she offer to give me some that she didn’t need for no money, just happy to help. Then she invited me for a Cuban Rum, then espresso, and enjoyed several hours of conversation about the Aruba life and how she has been living on the island. I learned how to make drinks, season cigars in rum, and how I should see the night life in Aruba. I found it interesting that in Aruba the bars for locals is a big event that you need to prepare for. For example when you go out for the night each bar has a women that will review your personality and attire before you are allowed into the bar. If she likes you man or women you can come in and have a good time. If the bar staff really likes you they will give you your money back, but you better be one charming SOB. I am also learning how to enjoy food, rum, whiskey, and wine in a way that you don’t get drunk. In a way that everybody enjoys the food and spirits so it enhances the evening. It enhances the room’s atmosphere so it causes us to smile and our stress floats away without notice. I am trying to cultivate that talent with my travels so I can embrace it for the rest of my life. You don’t need money to have it but you need to learn it and that takes a lot of time.





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