Sailing Around The World

Waves of Madness and Eyes of Red Glow

Last evening as I awake from a sleepy daze, I could feel all the bruises from slamming into the edges of Dragonsbane cabin when the boat shifted quickly and caught me off balance. It was my turn to take watch for another 4 hours at night, helm the boat, and trim the sails. So I put on my salty shorts, damp t-shirt, and climbed my way to the helm. My dad noted that the wind and waves where becoming very big and strong. My dad took no time to disappear down to his bunk to try and sleep in this wash machine of an ocean.

About 10:30 pm the wind blew up to 40 mpr and the wave where now reaching 15 to 20 feet. Dragonbane was being tossed off the tops of waves like a paper airplane and then rushed down into the troughs with a very loud roar from the white capped waves breaking. Once in the trough the sails would become slack and sheets limp, then like a shoot gun the wind would fill the sails and snap the sheets against the steel mast shrouds. The sheets snapped against the mast shrouds so hard that the shrouds would make a loud ping sound like a tuning fork for a piano. At this point I was outside my comfort level and was very sleepy. So I rush down to my cabin grabbed a spicy Cuban cigar and dashed back up to the helm before Dragonsbane pitch to her port side and put the life rail underwater. As I stood turning the helm back and fourth I stuck my spicy cigar in my check and lite the thing with my little lighter blow torch so the wind would not snuff out the flame. The bright glow of my cigar clenched in my teeth and smell of spicy Cuban smoke filled the cockpit. I surfed down the waves only by the feel of Drgaonbane movements and my white knuckled grip, I got her up to 10 knots a few times only to end up in the trough of the wave stalled out.

Being in the trough of a wave at almost a stop is very bad news I found out. As I listened a huge roar like a locomotive was bearing down on me, so I turn around and could see only white foam and the glow of my cigar. I new the wave was going to fill the cockpit so I extended my neck like a turtle and pointed my cigar up into the air like a submarines periscope so the sweet spicy tobacco smoke would not lose its fire. The wave hit and the sound was loud but nothing happened other then myself getting very wet. It made me mad at the waves that kept this unwavering punishment on me and Dragonsbane. But I finally started to enjoy the unpleasant passage and looked into the chrome bars of the cockpit bimini shined up like mirrors. I could see the refection of the two glowing red images that came from my cigar but looked as if my eyes where glowing cherry red. I thought to myself I must be going mad if I think this fun! We finally made land fall at Santa Marta Columbia where I went to sleep for preparation for my 5 day hike into Colombia’s Jungle and the Lost Cityof “Ciudad Perdida”

I will leave you all in the good hands of my dad for the next 5 days as I will be in the Jungle!



Sailing into Santa Marta, Columbia South America

Sailing into Santa Marta, Columbia South America

Sanata Marta Columbia

Santa Marta Columbia


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