Sailing Around The World

Day 3 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/2/13


I woke this morning a little sad that I lost my favorite clone lure to some big fish yesterday. I had a 150lbs test leader that passed through the lure to the hook and some big fish bit right through the line. So in retaliation I have changed all my mono leaders to stainless steel wire 500 lbs test. I hope that this will be last of these kinds of problems! O wait, one minute! After I awoke and dropped my line off the back of Dragonsbane trolling around 7 knots I hooked into a real nice TUNA! Reeled it in and filleted it up ending in 8 lbs of raw meat. After cleaning up my mess I grabbed my rod again to deploy the lure back out behind Dragonsbane, BANG!!!!!!!! “SON OF!!!!!!!!!!!” I hit the rod tip into the wind generator and it cut my line which had my other favorite lure and bent the rod tip. I was so mad I just about through the whole works in to ocean and gave the Fish Gods the middle finger. Told the fishing gods I was going to through hand grenades into the ocean if this keeps up, but I would more then likely put a whole in Dragonsbane and I have to fix that to. But after I calmed down I got another clone that has not been very successful and tossed it out into the ocean. About a hour later I had a really big hit and the line was peeling off the real which is my second most favorite sound in the whole world. I was alone in the cockpit and yelled for someone to get on deck and take in the jib! I set the hook and tighten the drag on the reel. No one was on deck yet so I grabbed the jib and pulled in the sail. My dad made it on deck at this point, I gave him the helm and reached for my rode. I started grinding in on the huge fish behind our tossing and turning wake and just as the Tuna broke the surface my line popped off. “SON OF! STUPID, DUMBASS!” Why do I fish I hate this stupid sport, dam, dam, dam, But did you see the size of that thing! Ok put the lure back in the ocean. Spent the rest of the day making Sushi, and had fresh pan fried pepper tuna with corn. Yup Life is good even if I am loosing my mind fishing!

Good Luck Fishing,

Current Location: not where the fish are but, 3deg 3.99min South, 93deg 46.84min West.


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  1. J

    This is the first of your blogs I have read— you have a good sense of humor, guess you have no choice, you are a little boat in a big ocean. Enjoy your adventure, you are so so fortunate to have this opportunity with your Dad. Stay safe, Mrs. Roy

    May 3, 2013 at 3:05 am