Sailing Around The World

Day 6 Galapagos To Marquesas Islands 5/5/13

Good news caught 2 mahi mahi and cooked them up with a mayo, dill, mustard sauce. Then crushed Ritz crackers over the fish and backed it for 15 minutes at 450 degrees or at least tried to keep 450 in my tin box oven. Turned out real well and got request for seconds. I will have to try for more fish tomorrow. The weather today was sunny, windy, and the swells were very small only around 3 to 5 feet. We did have a few issues last night and again this morning. Two days ago we used our little generator to charge up our batteries and make water which overwhelmed our charger. We discovered this morning when I tried to charge my labtop that the inverter stopped working. So after a few hours of tracing wires, reading manuals we found a melted contact and fixed it. Now it works and we can charge our batteries again. It seems that everyday we find or create new problems and spend time solving them. It is tough to be 100% off the grid and even harder when you can see land.

Current Location: 4deg 40.66min South, 101deg 59.18min West

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  1. Pete Weingartner

    Next type you hook mahi, keep one on the line and in the water…others will often school around it and then go into a mild feeding frenzy and become easy to catch on light tackle with fresh bait (a piece of previously caught fish would do). Mahi often congregate beneath floatsome…large bulls are often singletary and sometimes can be seen under flying frigate birds.

    May 6, 2013 at 2:53 pm