Sailing Around The World

Day 8 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/7/13

I over slept this morning and missed the SSB radio net and did not get a weather report of the 6 sailboats 100 miles around us. O well, the weather was warm, sunny, and had a few rain storms. We sailed the spinnaker for 12 hours today averaging 6.8 knots and I am happy to say that we have only 1,984 nautical miles to go. That’s right 1/3 of the way there and we have not lost our minds yet. I am looking forward to the next 15 days and hope that they go by just as quick as the last 8.

Current location: 5deg 32.67min South, 106deg 37.44min West

The Ocean water here is not so Salty! Interesting!



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