Sailing Around The World

Day 10 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/9/13

Today the wind changed by a few degrees so it was right behind us and made things very dicey. We have been sailing under two jibs and a mainsail which has produced some of our best mileage to date. We made 140 nautical miles in 24 hours under that sail configuration and I hoping to continue the good speed but all must come to an end. We are now on a easy tack heading 255 degrees west at 7 knots. As I am writing this it is dark out and for the first time I can see a huge ship off in the distance that is lighting up the ocean like a big outdoor sports arena. So I will have to keep a watchful eye on him and enjoy the cool evening breeze with a sky full of big bright stars. Looking back on today I saw a pack of maybe 30 dolphins swimming along Dragonsbane. But the sad news is that I also hooked a fish and it took out most of my line because I forgot to set my clicker to make noise. Unfortunately the line was cut, leaving me about 150 feet of 500. O well I will have to rig up something new and stronger with the materials I have onboard.

Current Position: 5deg 38.19min South, 111deg 15.86min West

Yup! It does smell!


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