Sailing Around The World

Day 15 Galapagos to Marquesas Islands 5/14/13

HI!!!!! Last night was packed full of squalls, rain storms, crazy waves, 35 knot gust and I now know what it feels like to live in a working washing machine. My last watch 24:00 of the night I noticed the wind drop off and the air get really warm. Then I started to get waves bashing into the side of Dragonsbane which tossing us around pretty violently. I turned on the radio and a squall 12 mile in radios was 4 miles behind me. I yelled to Adam to get on deck and put in a reef. I pulled in the roller furling and then the squall hit but the wind only got up to 28knots. Lots of rain and a washing machine effect of waves from 2 to 3 meters. After an hour it was Adams shift and he did a good job working through the squalls that passed by all night until about 3am when my dad helped him out. I was trying to sleep but kept getting thrown around my bunk all night and had some crazy dreams about my old job. Anyway the weather for tonight looks a little crazy again, so I cooked up a good dinner. I cooked pan seared chicken with a dry vermouth sauce and serviced it over wheat noodles with olive oil. It was hard hanging onto the hand holds with one hand and cook dinner with the other but I gotter done. The good thing about cooking well sailing is you really dont have to mix anything; the boat does it for you.

I should add that I chatted with 12 other sailors about 100 or so miles around us and weather was issued from the Chile Government about a cyclone south of our position but is stable and fixed in its current position. FYI a cyclone is what the southern hemisphere calls a hurricane. So that next few days should be a lot of fun!

Current position: 6deg 59.86min south, 123deg 23.55min West

I am out of cookies! SHIT!!!


3 responses

  1. Maggie

    The chicken was so good you “serviced it” eh? Ha. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Stay safe!

    May 15, 2013 at 2:20 am

  2. Eric

    Your adventures sound pretty in glamorous recently. Hope you are still enjoying it anyway.

    May 15, 2013 at 10:51 am

    • Its pretty sweet and I am on land now!

      May 23, 2013 at 2:27 am