Sailing Around The World

On a New Island Today “Ua Pou”

We landed on the Island of Ua Pou and we are anchored in a bay called ummmm, who the hell knows other then the girls look better on this Island. The Island has the tallest peaks and has a volcano plug that reaches 4000 vertical feet and is always covered by clouds. Today the peak was covered by clouds and I could make out half of its height. The bay is very small and we are protected by a large break wall that stops the swells from coming into the bay. We put out a stern anchor and bow next to 2 German boats and an Australian. The village is having a party tonight and I may just dinghy in and say hello. My French still sucks but when you drink and talk with the locals things makes more sense. Yup the drinking language is universal. But I will have to be careful because the cows walk the street and I may try some tropical cow tipping tonight or at least demonstrate it to the locals. Don’t worry I have the best of Americas interest at heart when I represent our country, so it should all go well.



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