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Day 2 to Tahiti, Lots of Wind

We are currently 30 nautical miles off the south end of Tahiti. Our destination is the Port du Phaeton on the South West end of Tahiti. The wind is blowing 25 to 30 knots and we have been averaging 7.5 knots which will put us at the Tahiti reef entrance at 4 in the morning. We have decided to heave too 30 miles off the coast until midnight. Then we will begin to sail again and should arrive at the reef entrance to Port du Phaeton around 8am. Hopefully the currents are weak like many of our friends have informed us. I would hate to do white water rafting again through the tall waves that block most of the reef passes when the current is opposite of the offshore waves.

We are all glad to be back at a more modern location but it is bitter sweet. We will have to start locking up Dragonsbane and the dinghy on shore. It is true that when you get to a modern country the crime is much worse then out in the small island chains. I personally like the feeling of no crime and that if there is a crime it could only be a handful of people. Anyway I hope to post pictures and video when we get settled on Tahiti Island.

Current Position: 17deg 45.9min South, 148deg 36.0min West

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