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The Real Story Of America Soma

We arrived into America Soma Pago Pago last Sunday and have been doing all kinds of things. The first thing we did was buy a few beers and some food for dinner. I cooked up some tuna steaks with fresh potato, and drank two beers. I wanted to take a nap 1 pm so I did and woke up at 2am, I guess I was tired. The next day we jumped on a local bus that cost only a dollar weather you are riding around the whole island or down the street. We went to a waterfall that was located behind the local hospital. It was the first time I took a fresh water bath in almost a year and it was outstanding. I just floated around the pool under the water fall and relaxed. I slept really well that night to.
After a slow start to our visit to America Samo I wanted to go check out all the great provisions at a place call “Cost U Less” and see how cheap thing really are. We took a bus ride that took a hour to go 15 miles but here in America Soma the bus will bring you right to your front door so if there’s lots of people on the bus it will take a long time to get anywhere. Anyway I was so excited to see cheap beer, wine, and huge amounts of bulk dry food that I can load up on when I go to Tonga. I have been told by many sailors that there are very few provisions in Tonga so load up. Then I walked mile down the street and found a store call KS-Mart which had loads of fresh food and good verity of small sizes. After spending all day tracking down the locations of stories and how to get ot them we stopped at a Chines restaurant and had really good food cooked more like Chinese food and not America Chinese food. The sad thing about the restaurant is I wanted to go back today but according the sign on the door it was closed the day after we ate there by the Health Department, true story lol. O well if it was dog I guess it tasted great.

I also went to the America Soma government hospital to get my ear checked out. I thought I may have torn my ear drum free diving. I took 5 minutes to fill out the paper work and got a hospital card from the front desk. I then walked down to the ear doctor and asked to make an appointment. They said come in, they took my weight, blood pressure, and then I walked into the doctor’s office. He looked in my ears, and then sent me across the hall to have my hearing and ear pressure checked by a specialist. After 40 minutes I was done and found out everything was fine. I asked for my bill and they laughed. They said have a great day and be safe. The cost was ZERO Dollars. I then went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned because it only cost 20 bucks but the earliest I could get in was September 15, O well.

I have learned after the last week in America Soma that the Local Soma people are very religious Christians and everything is based on faith. Everywhere you look you see images of Jesus and crucifixes. The people are extremely kind and caring. I don’t lock my dinghy to the dock and people offer to have me to dinner all the time. The people here are very patriotic Americans and with such a small population the small community has lost 40 local hero’s in the wars over seas. The local people tell me we are all American and we all have to contribute to make sure we all have a better future. It is a very wonderful place to visit and I would offer my highest remarks of the kind and special people of America Soma.
Thank you,


Now A few Pictures

This is a picture off the back of Drgonsbane looks out into the harbor. To the left is the Starkiss Tuna Factory which makes the harbor smell like tuna when they open the cooking pots. To the right is the America Soma port and cargo wharf.

This is the waterfall that we hiked to and took a fresh water bath under the fall.

Adam is hanging out before he jumped into the pool below.

Well I found out that you can play 18 holes of golf for $7 bucks and rent clubs for $10. The golf balls were free but the tees were 3 dollars and I was golfing. The course was outstanding and very well maintained. I beat Adam in the first 9 holes and then he beat me in the last 9 holes. But to be honest we both suck but it was alot of fun.

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  1. Barbara Soumis

    Nice golfing apparel! Sounds like provisioning should be pretty easy, with some goodies on board that you haven’t had in a while. Love you, Mom

    September 2, 2013 at 7:28 pm

  2. Tami

    Jacques, my sister and brother in law (Kathie and Randy Scott) have passed on your site for me to follow you. I’m the crazy sister who sails in Tahoe with friends in the winter. Your amazing journey will be fun to follow…. stay well, have fun, enjoy the ride. Tami

    September 6, 2013 at 2:45 am