Sailing Around The World

Day 2 to Tonga

The weather is getting a little better but my weather files show the wind kicking up again this evening 25 plus knots. The swells are smaller today but they still seem to sock Adam and I every watch in the cockpit. The good news is that I put up more sail and I am making 7.5 knots of speed. Another big thing today is that I went into the future. I crossed the international date line and back in the States its Tuesday but for me its Wednesday. Hope the weather gets better but we are making good time as long as the wind stays out of th east.

Current Position: 16deg 54.1min South, 172deg 7.9min West, COG 197deg, SOG 7.5knots, Wind speed 23knots, Waves 2 meters,



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  1. mike rodman

    Hello Dragonsbane. I found this site/blog after an email from Lauren on the S/ Kyanos. At least I assume I am the right site since she did not quite have the right address listed. She has a blog started but no Tonga updates yet so I am enjoying readind and looking about Tonga through you site. Thanks and share any tuna you get with them.
    Mike (09/16/2013)

    September 17, 2013 at 3:53 am