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Off to North Tonga

Well if you have not guessed it I made it to Tonga and have been having a blast with the new crew. We are heading out this evening to make a 2 day passage up to North Tonga Island called Vava’u. I will try and get a passage post out as we go. The weather looks good, should be about 15 knots.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and I will try to blog more. Here in the capital of Tonga the internet is very slow and sometimes stop working so I will have to wait on the photos. The people here are very nice and the capital is a very small town but has a lot to offer. I am also hoping to go swimming with the hump back whales here as well. I will get some photos.

Take care everybody,


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  1. Arnold Ziffle

    The new crew??? What happened to the old crew? Does 1 guy constitute a crew? How many people are in your new crew? How many people do you have on that boat? Do you hot bunk? Who will be responsible to ensure the head doesn’t get backed up with all the new crew members?
    Stay dry and keep a firm grip on the old rod.

    September 18, 2013 at 12:04 pm