Sailing Around The World

The Coral Reef Vava’u

Woke early yesterday and dinged over to the coral gardens. But before we could jump in we had to wade through ocean swells breaking on the shallow reef. It was tough getting over the reef because the surge of water would push you off your feet on to the sharp coral. After fighting through the swell and watching Jade jump into the current and rushed out to the sea were the coral garden is I jumped in. A few minutes later we were hovering over some of the most beautiful coral I have ever seen. Every color I could imagine was mixed into the coral with millions of tropical fish. We spent a good hour snorkeling the reef but a big storm started to build up the swell that was breaking over the reef that we had to get over to get back to the dinghy. So being the adventures group that we are we looked for a little gap in the reef to body surf over the coral reef through the break swell. Ben said he would check it out and well we all followed. As the swell lifted us up it broke into a white capped wave and sent us rushing over the reef with just inches between our bellies and the razor sharp coral. Ben and I got caught in a breaking swell and the coral beneath us inches away disappeared in a white storm of bubbles and foam. We just sucked in our guts and swam over the coral and made it safely across.

After such a exciting morning we switch up head sails on Dragonsbane and sailed back to town to get some meat and provisions. We are planning on going back to the grandsons with scuba tanks and getting some good photos and film.



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