Sailing Around The World

Why Drink Rum When You Have Wine? Shit The RUM!

It has been a few long days and nights sense my last thought on my blog and well, a lot has happened. Its funny when I was home I could say in the last week I went to work for 10 hours a day and sat in traffic for at least a hour or two each day. I am sure that you would all be very interested in that blog. The life of a east coast rat racer, big whoopee. Sorry I didn’t stay long enough to get the white picket fence and BMW fuel efficient car in Baltimore. I traded in for a sailboat, a father that said lets go for the horizon and see what happens. My mode of transportation is a sailboat that gets 1000 nautical miles per 30 gallons, suck it PETA. Anyway I digress, the Rum has flowed because Fiji only always 2.4 liters of rum per boat. O yeah I am leaving with the best crew Jess, Ben, and Jade for Fiji 427 nautical away on Friday, look out for the passage blogs. Why Fiji, because I can and want too. So I have alot of Rum and with it, it has been a short journey down the rabbit hole of Tonga. Here in the Land of Tonga I have Scuba dived the worlds best coral gardens, snorkeled through breaking swell only 2 inch’s of ocean between my belly and flesh taring coral. Narrow passages between ship sinking coral reefs. Deep dark blue waters that holds the great hump back whale that breaches the ocean ceiling to show me that I am a small and insignificant part of the world. Surfing behind a dingy and shredding up the salt water with Jelly fish filled bays hoping not to fall in a pit of stinging tentacles. Hitch hiking along ocean islands on the backs of open flat bed trucks. I am once again lost in the moment of tranquility and planted with feet in the cockpit of Dragonbanes that allows me to see this transformation of what I was to what I am now. For now Dragonsbane and me sleep 12 feet over a coral reef with the little tropical fish swimming and feeding. The sunset is of reds and cloudy shadows that bask my face with a warm heart feeling. With my tobacco pipe in hand and crew I love, I suck down the days events with a large pearly white smile laughing at our mistakes and our joys of a free spirited world. We all wonder what we will do with our life after this life style. Its a thought of what does one do when you have balance and joy. I say who cares about the modern drive for more, I am happy!

Off To The Horizon Friends,


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  1. Christine

    Sounds like you are having a ball. Thank you for looking after my daughter, Jade. Looking forward to the Thanks Giving dinner.

    Christine, Jade’s mum

    October 11, 2013 at 7:31 am

  2. TO: Jacques and Dale… you’re half-way around the world! Cool adventures and a good BLOG. Jacques… I see you still have that Pusser’s Rum cup! Have a rum for me… I’m so happy to the voyage is more about Dragonsbane than a BMW (fuel efficient, HA!) in Baltimore! By the way, how is Dragonsbane? Paul Exner

    October 13, 2013 at 1:32 am