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Day 2 to Fiji Passage

Our passage to Fiji has been quite splendid with our first 24 hours of sailing making 153 nautical of progress. Wind is still behind us pushing Dragonsbane easily and roily across the ocean expanse. It is lovely to have three watches and 8 hours of rest between shifts. I also like the meals that are being prepared underway as Dragonsbane rolls from side to side which helps stir in the flavors of mixed rice and curry. The girls enjoyed there first watch with out Ben and I pointing out the mistakes they made. They did a fine job and even tacked the sail during the 4 hours of ocean watch. I think I may have made two more mad cruisers that have been bitten by ocean sailing bug. But for now I am smiling even with the gray cloudy sky overhead about the miles ahead, wondering about nothing.

Current Position: 04:25utc, 17deg 25.8min South, 176deg 55.0min West, COG 270deg, SOG 6kts, Wind Speed 18kts, Swell 1-2meters, Cloudy Gray Skies.

Easy Swell Everybody,


2 responses

  1. Ann

    ‘wondering about nothing.’ – love this. So happy you’re so happy. Be well.

    October 15, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    • Thanks Ann! Always happy that you are Happy, lol. Take care and miss you lots.


      October 18, 2013 at 12:23 am