Sailing Around The World

From This World to the Next!

From land to sea I travel on the back of Dragonsbane to the Rainbow Reef with the help of a old Fiji man named Jack Fisher. Jack Fisher took us to the white wall were I strapped on my scuba gear. It felt like a 100 pounds of weight and stress that I have felt in my short 30 years on this complicated world. As I looked down into the depths of unknown creatures and monsters with big teeth I felt the hair stand up on my neck. I took a leap of faith into the dark iron blue ocean and sank down. I sank down in a twisted swirl and smiled as I became one with my new world of bone crushing pressure and monsters that smiled with big white toothy smiles. Yes, the 100 pounds of weight and stress melted away and I was in the next world under the sea. But to get to the other side I had to dive through a black cave that showed me the way to the white wall. I sank deeper into the ocean through the dark cave opening and looked into the scary depth and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I descended to sixty feet to the bottom of the cave that was covered in coral fans and big tropical fish to a small opening. I swam through the open and came into the bright light of the white wall. The white wall was covered in white coral and bright colored fish. I descended to 100 feet and looked high into the ocean above and watch the bellies of bright big fish swim along the white wall. The ocean held me tight in her grip at that depth and I felt the world hugging me and I was at peace drifting through a world of balance, no thoughts of anything but peace.

But from the world under the sea I rose to the surface to meet the clear blue sky, the warm hot sun on my face, and roar of the ocean hitting the coral reef a few boat length behind Dragonsbane. Jack Fisher smiled and laughed in his old man way and asked, was it nice? With little excitement I said it was perfect, and I silently went about my way filling the scuba tanks and geared up my friend’s next dive. My Friends Jade, Ben, and Jess enjoyed there own journey through the black cave to the white wall. For Jess she completed her first deep dive to 90 feet. Ben and I saw a sea snake at 70 feet. Ben took a picture but the snake was being boring so a good push with the camera got it moving around right to his face. Funny thing is that the Fiji Sea Snake is the most poison snake in Fiji and Ben punched it at 70 feet. Jade and Jess dived together and played in the depths doing rolls and taking pictures in the cave. Well I was top side I learned about Jacks 7 wives and how he made lots of money in his day and then lost it all to women. So After a full day of diving stories we anchored in front of Jacks house and drank beer. I then took a sea bath under the stars naked as a blue jay and watched a storm off in the distance flash by.

Good Night Friends,


Let today be great!

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  1. Barbara Soumis

    Wow! Now I know you are not fond of snakes….so that had to be quite an adventure, or you are becoming one with the sea more than I realize. Fantastic! Love you, Mom

    October 30, 2013 at 12:38 pm