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Out on the Blue Water Once Again

It feels great to be out on the blue water again with waves crashing over the deck of Dragonsbane as we sail south to New Zealand at 7 knots. We have been reaching speeds sustained speeds of 8 to 9 knots so far as the winds blow 20 to 25 knots. In our first 24 hours of sailing we have made good ground of 165 nautical miles with 941 nautical miles remaining. Not a bad start to our voyage even if we all felt a little sick when we started.

We had the bright idea that after we fueled up and topped up the fresh water tanks we would take our last 20 dollars of Fiji money and buy dollar snacks from the bar. This sounded like a great way to spend that last little bit of coin and get some good junk food. Well we all got 2 ice cream bars, 2 bags of chips, 1 soda, and because we were running around all morning we didn’t eat lunch or breakfast. So guess what we did, we ate all our junk food on the way out to sea. As soon as we were in the 1 meter swell it became very obvious that you don’t start out a 10 day voyage with ice cream, chips, and soda. Good news is everybody is feeling better this after noon and we are excited for what’s to come.

Current Position: UTC 03:10, 20deg 34.0min South, 176deg 51.0min East; COG 201deg, SOG 8kts, WS 24knots, WD 132deg ese, Swell 1 to 2 meters, Cloudy over cast ski

God Bless,


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  1. Mike Nelson

    Making very good progress. Conditions sound like a very normal good day in Cook Strait. Thinking of you guys!

    November 12, 2013 at 9:03 am