Sailing Around The World

Day 4 Passage to New Zealand “I go up, I go Down”

For the last 4 days my world has been a non stop motion of climbing swells and then going down swells. I feel like I am on a giant teeter-totter with no end in sight. Yesterday well making black beans and rice in the pressure cooker I fell backwards and stopped my fall with my back right heel and today it is black and blue. I also slipped down the companion way and twisted my left big toe. I never thought I could twist a toe but it does happen. Anyway the rest of the crew is earning there passage bruises and are enjoying the motion of the ocean until today. I have finally found Jess, and Jades point at which they wished the rocking would stop, haha WIN! On anther note we had a slow day today only 133 nautical miles completed in 24 hours but I am pointed very hard into the wind trying to make east progress before I run out of wind. Apparently in one of the worlds most dangerous ocean crossing I am about to run out of wind 300 nautical miles offshore, “that sounds about right”. So I am trying to position myself with the wind at my back so I can run down wind into Opua with a spinnaker flying and hopefully with five to six knots of wind I will make five knots of speed. O yeah, Jess is baking bread and it smells great, all our bread we bought the day before we left Fiji had molded on it the next day. SON OF B!

Current Position: 03:10utc, 27deg 32.4min South, 173deg 52.7min East, COG 161deg, SOG 5.5kts, WS 20kts, WD 110deg, Swell 2 meters, Water Temp 79deg F, Air Temp deg F, 1016MilBars

Keep on Keeping on,


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