Sailing Around The World

Made to Opua NZ Now waiting for the Weather Window!

We had a great cruise up the east coast of the north Island of New Zealand from Auckland to Opua. We stared out averaging 7 knots and around midnight the wind died off. I sailed around 3 knots during my shift but was joined by a half dozen dolphins. I had a pod of dolphins playing along side Dragonsbane for about a hour which made my 12 to 4am shift go by fast.

Now we are hanging out in Opua for our weather window to Depart New Zealand for New Caledonia. Right now there is a class 5 cyclone north of Austraila that should cross the Tasman Sea and hit New Zealand In the next few days. It should hold mostly rain and be pretty weak by that point.


I am hoping by Wednesday we can be off but we will see what this thing does first.



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