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Passage Day 2- New Zealand to New Caledonia

It was a wonderful start to our passage and a bit chilly out here on the ocean. The stars are just as bright as I remember them to be. You could see the Milky Way and cluster of stars far off on the horizon. This morning as I laid in my bunk I was awoke by the sounds of the fishing reel peeling out line. Cary was quick to get the reel and start playing the fish. After about 20 minutes of Cary cranking in the line he landed a 47inch, 18.6lbs Mahi Mahi his biggest ever. Not too bad for Cary’s first fish onboard Dragonsbane and hopefully not the last.

We are running with the wind at our port quarter with our kite up averaging 6 knots. So far in the last few hours the swells have started to build up and have been hitting us on our beam causing us to flop a bit but not to uncomfortable, I will take the speed.

Current Position: 33deg 07.2min South, 172deg 43.3min East. time: UTC03:41, Wind Speed 11 kts, Wind Direction: South West South, Swell Height 1 to 2 meter, Clear skies and sunny

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  1. Nick and Allyson

    well done Cary. It does sound like a great start. loving the updates

    April 23, 2014 at 5:08 am