Sailing Around The World

Scuba New Caledonia, Sharks & Ship Wrecks

Today Cary and I went scuba diving in New Caledonia. Cary began his scuba open water certification and I am getting my advanced open water certification. Cary learned the basic as I plunged to the deepest depth I have every been 163 feet deep. I am not a big fan of diving so deep and you can defintly notice the pressure down there. We descended very quickly to do a short dive were the gray sharks would see us and encircle us. The dive masters had a few bits of chum and broke that up so we were in the middle of it all. Very quickly the gray sharks came out of the dark blue and circled close to us eating chum. They would get very close and when I have good wifi I will post the video.

After my adventure way down deep I dived on an old French war ship that was sunk in the Lagoon at about 70 feet. I enjoyed swimming my way through the wreck and taking lots of photos. I even sat in the mess hall and relaxed in the ship as I waited to pass down the dark blue hall way out of the ship. The top of the ship had two old gun shields and a mores code light. It was a wonderful dive with many exciting areas to investigate.
After a full day of meeting some very cool French people and hearing about their local life we made our way back to Dragonsbane. The day was one to remember as always. Tomorrow once again will be a day filled with diving, and trying to learn the French language.



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