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Touring Ile des Pins

Today we went ashore and hiked up the Pic Nga mountain which only took a hour and half. We looked out over the green blue ocean lagoons surrounding the island. We took lots of photos of Dragonsbane anchored right off the beautiful white sandy beaches. The sand beaches here are made of powder so fine it squeaks between your feet. The little lagoon we are anchored in has lots of sea turtle that play around the boat. The strong ocean breeze from the south keeps us cool at night. The clouds have finally let the sun through as we descended down the mountain. It took a bit longer to hike down because the lose stones and gravel on the trail made it hard to keep your feet but still fun all the same.

We walked to a hotel, rented a car for half the day and drove around the island taking in the local views and people. The Island is very clean with friendly people waving and smiling at us all day. The hardest thing to find on the island was a place to eat. We found a little “snack” or cafthat served us up long baguette sandwiches and fries. Then we found the grocery store but they only opened at 4pm so we went to the beach. We enjoyed walking up and down the snow white beach, sat down played with the sand and work on our tans. Finally it was 4 so we went to the very small store and bought beef, potatoes, and some more French baguettes for dinner.
The Island of Pins is very sweet and would be a great paradise for a workaholic in need of solitude and empty beaches. Its only you, sea, and sun to enjoy here not much else. A few nice churches and an old prison that has been over taken by age and Mother Nature. Tomorrow we plan on departing to Vanuatu Tanna Island. The passage should take two days to complete and I will up date you tomorrow on our progress.


Jacques Henry

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  1. Barbara Soumis

    Glad to hear you have safely moved on from New Caledonia. Your description of the sand sounds incredible. Have a safe trip to Vanuatu.

    Love you, Mom

    May 20, 2014 at 9:38 pm