Sailing Around The World

What a Beautiful Passage

We made it to Pentecost Island off the village of Wali. We sailed for 25 hours and arrived at 4pm and meet some new friends that I have been chatting with me over the SSB Vanuatu radio net. Patrick and Amanda are from the UK and were very happy to see us join them for the land diving tomorrow. Dad, Cary, and I paddled ashore with our new friends to meet up with Luc who is an old man in his 60’s to go over what the plan for tomorrows land diving will included. But before I go over that I want to think back about the last 24 hours.

It was about 3am on my watch when I saw a bright red glow that looked like a blood moon rising out of the ocean. I was confused because the moon had already risen, set for the evening and there was not a cloud to be seen. The glow was off my forward port bow and it glowed so intensely I thought the ocean was on fire. I look at the chart and it dawned on me that I was watching the glow of another volcano. What a sight to see, I looked out from under the Bimini and was shocked to see the stars as if they were spray painted across the sky. Stars bright and thick like the Milky Way, on the horizon the glow of a hot red volcano shine across the ocean before me. With just the sails up there was no sound to be heard. The breeze was warm and soft on my face. I was overcome by the beauty of the world around me at that moment that no picture could ever do it justice. For the first time in my life a volcano guided my approach around its shore line as I continued to Pentecost. To add to it the star danced to life and shot across the sky. For once I had nothing to wish when I saw the shooting star, it was magic out here. Dragonsbane glide across the ocean with ease and it was one of the times I just smiled at it all. I wish I could have had everybody I loved with me just for that fleeting moments to enjoy it.

Tomorrow we will join Luc from the local village and go watch 8 young men dive off a 35 meter tower and hopefully they will not die in the process. We will get to watch there ceremonial dancing and see the magic happen. But before Luc let us leave he gave us a cup of Kava that made the Fiji Kava seem more of a joke. After drinking the mud drink my mouth felt like I had just been to the dentist and ever thing was numb. I feel so relaxed and happy. I can’t wait to fall asleep listening to the beach waves just a few 100 feet from Dragonsbane and the insects singing me to sleep. So without another word I leave you to dream.

Good night Friends,

Jacques Henry

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