Sailing Around The World

Day 13 Pasage to Darwin “Seagull”

Well to add to the list of hitting thing on this voyage we had another little incident. As we were eating our dinner in the cockpit we noticed like most evening night seagull’s trying to land on Dragonsbane but they always fall off when the boat rolls or jumps or whatever. But this seagull thought it would be a good idea to try and land on the back of the wind generator. I had shut the wind gen down a few times as I notice the seagull trying to commit suicide flying into the blades of the wind gen. But the odds finally ran out on this seagull and as he cleverly flew up to the wind gen all I heard was a loud bonk and the seagull was down floating dead on the ocean. I sure do feel bad for the bird that was just trying to take rest way out here in the middle of the ocean. Unfortunately I didn’t notice in time to save that birds life. As for the rest of us we are doing well and looking forward to the rip currents and channels that await us in the last 340 nautical miles to go. I sure hope that we catch the tide/currents in our favor as we come into Darwin. I was told by our cruising friends off Calico Jack that there is a 20 foot tide in Darwin which makes things a bit difficult.

Current Postion: UTC02:44 10deg 45min South, 135deg 17min East, COG 261deg, SOG 6.8kts, WS 12kts SES, CLear SKies



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