Sailing Around The World

Day 15 Passage to Darwin

90 nautical miles to go and they are turning out to be some very difficult miles to go. We have a 3.5 knot opposing current slowing us down to 3 kts and the wind is becoming less and less. We still have to sail through a narrow channel called Howard channel which unfortunately will be at night once again . We are also 5 nautical miles right of course trying to inch our way back to our course line without having to tack the boat. If we have to tack we will being going the wrong way and any chance of making it to Darwin by mid morning will be lost. I sure hope that we can pull our current route off and maintain 6kts of speed so we can clear in tomorrow with customs. I sure would like to have a beer on land tomorrow. I miss land, its just so stable and refreshing to walk more then 20 feet in the same direction don’t you think?

Big Smile,



Current Position: 11deg 35.2min SOuth, 131deg 34.5min East, COG 186degM, SOG 6.2KTS, WS 12.5 ktss ESE, Clear Skies, Swell less then 1 meter

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