Sailing Around The World

Passsage to Christmas Island Day 1

Currently sailing at a blistering 3 knots against a 1 knot current. Our wind has been increasing to 20 knots but slowly decreases to 5 knots through out the day. It has been a real challenge with wind direction and wind speed. We continue to make sail changes every few hours to keep us going. Once again we have seen three sea snakes and like always I still hate snakes, we saw a turtle. The crew is coming along and learning more about Dragonsbane everyday.

Current Position: 12deg 12.6min South, 128deg 52.1min East, UTC06:02, COG 269deg, SOG 3.4kts, WS 8kts, WD 180deg, Swell <1 meter, Sunny, Air Temp 83deg F, Water Temp 90deg F



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