Sailing Around The World

Day 1 Passage to Rodrigues Island “On the Ocean Again”

Well we are underway for a long passage to Rodrigues Island. So far things have been good and the sea is lumpy as normal and the wind is around 18 to 25 knots with mixed in squalls of rain. We tried catching a fish yesterday but one popped off and we had to keep bring in the fish line because the booby birds kept trying to eat our flasher. We are all looking forward to a fish and some protein but for now its rice, beans, and noodles.

On another note our Garmin chart plotter ran out of mapping so I had to wire up my PC computer with CMAP charts to do our navigation with. It should be interesting using my computer instead of the chart plotter but really its about the same thing, you just don’t have the charts at your finger tips. Along with my computer software I am charting our progress on paper navigation charts as always but doing much more often to make sure we don’t bump into anything.

Current Postion: 12deg 09.6min South, 94deg 29.9min East, COG 252-M, SOG 7.6kts, UTC 00:53, Swell 2 to 3 meters, Squally weather



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