Sailing Around The World

Day 1 Passage to Mauritius Island “Ooops”

Well sometimes when you think you know how far to go you realize you don’t. After a contradiction between my laptop charts and my Garmin Chart plotter it seems we have 350 nautical miles to sail not 250 as I previously thought. Not a big deal, just means a extra day out on the water, fun. Also realized that my computer charts are only read out in true compass degrees which makes finding magnetic math fun. Anyway we are moving well in a lit wind at a average speed of 5 knots and should arrive in Mauritius on Tuesday morning.

Current Position: 19deg 52.3min South, 59deg 51.1min East, SOG 5.2kts, COG 270deg-M, Swell >1 meter, WS 10kts, Sunny



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