Sailing Around The World

Day 9 Paassage to South Africa “Weather”

So I ran the spinnaker for about a hour and decided it was time to take it down when I became confused on which was my wind speed or boat speed. For one hour I average 9 knots and had a heck of a time keeping Dragonsbane under control. Its funny when you run out of wind and put up a big sail on the Indian ocean the wind picks right back up and then you have to reef again. Anyway we are about 295 nautical miles away from Richards Bay and looking at the weather we need to make landfall by Thursday evening. It is going to be a real close call on the weather as a small south western blow comes up the coast to Richards Bay halting any landfall attempts. If we don’t make the window Thursday night we will have to go back out to sea and heavy too for 24 hours. I sure hope we don’t have to do that but if we do we will, safety first. The reason is because the offshore current 3 miles off the coast is way to dangerous to cross in a south westerly blow and can cause 20 meter waves with deep troughs that can be deadly so we will play it safe.

Current Position: 03:30UTC, 28deg 19.6min South, 36deg 03.5min East, SOG 7.4kts, COG 292deg-M, 1021mb, Swell 1 meter, WS 16kts



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