Sailing Around The World

Departed Richards Bay Bound For East London

Well we have been at it for little over a week now battling around the Cape of Good Hope South Africa. Our journey began again from Richards Bay location on the east coast of Africa and sailed to East London 350 nautical miles away. We left the morning of November 8, 2014 in a good looking weather window that hopefully would last 3 days before the wind change to the South West and make the ocean deadly. As we motored out to the Auglhas Current 15 nautical miles offshore we enjoyed the sight of giant hump back whales breaching the ocean and crashing down throwing huge ocean spray into the area. As we continued we had to navigate through the giant anchorage of freighters waiting to head into Richards Bay for cargo, coal and other things.

The wind was very light but was running with us so in order to stay on schedule to arrive in East London I motored sailed for about 12 hours till the wind picked up. About 20 nautical miles south of Durbin the wind picked up to 25 to 30 knots and combined with a 3 knot current we were making average speed of 10kts. We were about 120 miles from East London the barometer began to fall fast down to 1012MB which is a clear sign that the wind would shift at anytime and the ocean would become violent. SO we pushed really hard to get to East London. The following morning we were 10 nautical miles away and the Barometer fell to 1009MB, we were all very happy to make into the harbor just before the wind shift. The passage down was a little intense with lots of marina traffic and large 3 meter waves but we made it safe and sound.


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