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I Named My Autopilot “Nicole Pilot”

Well I missed you guys yesterday posting but I have a good reason. For the last two days and tonight I and my dad have been working on the autopilot. For those who don’t know what I am talking about it’s the computer/hydraulic motor the steers the boat when I am busy doing other things like trimming sails or making food. Anyway I call it “Nicole Pilot” or Nicole for short because it was a girl that I dated in college and loved her very much but it didn’t work out and broke up with her. I wanted her back a few months later but it was not in the cards of life.

So I am sure you’re wondering why I named the autopilot Nicole. Well I have been trying to get the thing working and have drained all the hydraulic fluid twice and bleed the air out of it many times. I have taken the solenoid apart and put it back together. Still it doesn’t work and now I hate this F-ing thing with all my heart! If it would not take 6 hour to take out of the boat I would kick it into the ocean well giving it the bird but man!! I REALLY love that thing when it works! So back to the drawing board I guess.
A few good things I have learned, one it doesn’t work! Second I have drunk enough hydraulic fluid to say with full confidence I have take a few shots of hydraulic fluid. Third unlike hair gel hydraulic fluid stays in your hair and it repels salt water well and when combed it looks real good! Fourth no matter how hard you work on things sometimes they just don’t work at all. Yes Nicole, we will battle on Monday after I talk with some pros and find your sweet spot. For now I drink Jameson, which makes the hydraulic fluid go down smooth and pain feel good!

Goodnight and Good Luck,


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  1. Barbara Soumis

    I am beginning to believe that “Nicole” has become the bane of Dragonsbane!

    November 25, 2012 at 12:30 pm