Sailing Around The World

The Creepy Thing Under My Bed

`Tonight we are anchored in a small bay west of Nassau Harbor and in 8 feet of water. As the sun tucked below the horizon and the moon rose up to meet the stars above the man in the moon is smiling very bright tonight. As I was relaxing in the cockpit looking at the shoreline I noticed the moon reflecting the white sand bottom as if it was glow like a bright LED light beneath the water. As I looked a small school of bait fish or silver minnows swam by my boat. They reflected the moon and danced by Dragonsbane. The sound in the air was of still not moving and a perfect calm water surface that would be disturbed by one little stone dropped into it making a ripple if it could reach my location.
So I thought when I was a kid I was afraid of the creepy things under my bed and how if my leg or arm feel from the bed to the floor I would be snatched up. Well tonight I am thinking of all the little creepy thing swimming under Dragonsbane and the big black shadows that follow them in the moonlight. Well I will not be swimming tonight or dropping an arm below the waterline as I am afraid of the creepy things below.
Sleep tight Love you all,


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  1. Sro

    Awesome dude, definitely not the great lakes, eh?

    November 26, 2012 at 12:44 am