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Chat and Chill “George Town Bahamas”

Well made another 40 nautical mile trek out into the sea and back gain to a nice place called George Town. Unfortunately the wind was right on our nose with 20 kts, what boring grind it was to pound into the swells and waves for 8 hours. The most exciting part of the trip was the beginning when we made our way through Galliot Cut Cay. The cut was only quarter mile wide between the cliffs and had a 3 or 4 knot current that made the prevailing waves stand tall like a wall of water. The ocean at the cut ripped, swirled and foamed with chop and wind. My dad was at the Helm and as my mom was afraid at the site of the waves I laughed and smiled, told my dad to lay the throttle to the board and giver hell. We powered through the waves and shot out into the Atlantic Ocean at 6 kts. Nothing like a adrenalin rush at 06:30 morning to get your day started. The rest was nothing to note and I was glad to arrive at George Town and have a beer at Chat and Chills.

Location: 23 deg 55.6min N, 76deg 16.6min W

Thanks, Jacques

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  1. Ruth Petran

    Hang in there, Barb! So glad to hear you’re all out of all the cold weather we’re having!!

    December 12, 2012 at 1:58 pm