Sailing Around The World

Hitch Hiked, Crashed a Wedding, and My Dinghy, What a Day “A”!

My mom has once again departed us on our journey and has flown back to the great cheese State of Wisconsin. After we “Dale, Barbara, and Jacques” took the 2 mile dinghy ride to George Town and almost sinking the dinghy upon entering a small Lagoon under a bridge to Lake Victoria. As we approached Lake Victoria it had a strong ebbing current which sucked the bow under.  But somehow I managed to get the bow out of its submarine dive and we made it to the dock wet and salty. My mom made it to her flight and was given free baggage for Christmas from the great people of the Bahamas.

After dropping my mom off my dad and I decided to get some supplies for Dragonsbane. Our objective was to find a VHF antenna and some zincs for the prop as you can see from the pictures below we need to replace. As we searched around George Town we were told to try NAPA store which I thought was the auto parts store but was actual a store called NAPA. Anyway we made it to the store by being picked up by a local man and dropped off. Needless to say they had nether item and I got oil filters for the Diesel instead. The lady suggested Brown Marina Store which was 6 miles away and to just hitch hike our way there. So as suggested I put out my thumb as we walked the road and was shortly picked up by a construction worker building the new hospital for George Town. After being dropped off back where we started my dad suggest we use the dinghy to get to Browns Marine 3 more miles away and against my inner gut I said ok we can try that. To make a long story short we zipped along the interior of the George Town coastal waters and under a bridge that was described in detail by “our local random friend” the store was around the bend to the right but make sure you stay left after the bridge, “not sure what the hell he was talking about”. Guess what? I didn’t see anything and after 1 hour of ducking into bays and coves, 1 inch of fuel in the tank left we headed back to George Town with nothing to show but stress and frustration.

After we returned to Dragonsbane and being drenched from the sea spray during our 2 mile dinghy ride back we cleaned Dragonsbane floors, decks, made fresh water and decided to get a hamburger at Chat and Chills again. After arriving at Chat & Chills and getting to watch CNN for the first time in a month my dad chatted with a guy from Florida and they discuss bio Genetics. Then my dad had forgotten cash so I had to dinghy 1 mile back to the boat to the get cash alone.

Having a few drinks in me made the return beach landing a little rough as I did not have to pull the already beached dinghy any further up the beach or tilt the motor up. When I found my dad he was in the middle of talking to a wedding couple and finding out they were Lisa and Alex who have been married 34 times and where in the process of celebrating another wedding tonight “check them out at . So we joined in, ate some cake and drank some beers at their wedding. It was a great time and I followed the dinghy all the way back to Dragonsbane or I drove it or something.

Lisa, Alex, and Jacques

Lisa, Alex, and Jacques


Lisa and Alex cutting there wedding cake

Lisa and Alex cutting there wedding cake




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  1. jessA.

    Jacq, you’re awesome.

    December 13, 2012 at 7:22 am

    • Thanks and so are you!

      December 14, 2012 at 1:57 am