Sailing Around The World

My Worldly Thoughts!

I was told by a friend that it takes 3 months to find your way in your new life at sea to really enjoy what you are doing. I agree, and every day too today, has been a struggle. My dad and I butt heads about everything and being raised by the same man to be a leader and to be in charge I find it hard to compromise on this issue with him. For the last 5 years I have been in control of workers, and contracts in construction.  The idea to listen to an older person that is hard of hearing, sight, and action I find myself stressed and frustrated. But today I realize that if it was not for the old man I would not have an opportunity to have my eyes opened to a whole new world of people,  culture, and experiences. I am not sure if I can make our father/son relationship work every day but for the good of the experience I must go forward and comb the impossible or possible to see the world as it is and not as the postcard I think it is. So far I have hated many days and I have loved few days but the ones that count bad make 10. But 1 good day makes the 10 bad days seem like 1. I realize that without friends and family being shoulder to shoulder to the old man on this one path around the world is sometimes the loneliest path to take but it must be done to make me strong. I think it will lengthen the depth of my passion for life and grow my heart for my family, friends and those that I meet on this path big. I remember my high school life statement, it was “Don’t take the path that everybody follows but very from it. Blaze your own path and make your own tracks”. Easy said than done! My current path is drifted with danger, fun, and eye opening events that I can’t imagine what comes next. So I sign off tonight again with my own idea of what the world is and will continue to refine it, mold it and see how it all turns out after 27,800 nautical mile journey into the unknown. So enjoy your family and friends and give thanks for them.

It’s interesting that I am so deep with thought on my relationship with my father and family because I look up into the sky and see stars shooting across the sky as if god himself is flicking the stars with his finger. The world is amazing and I am but a dot above the letter “i” and wonder when I will impact such a large and wonderful world that we all share. With a sky full of stars such that is like looking into a dark bag pricked with a million wholes to let the light in I am speechless.

Thanks and God Bless,

Jacques – Slow Rider

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